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Recent Works
"Floating Isle"   ©1998 Sheila A.Sullivan
"Cloud Bridge"©1997 Sheila A. Sullivan
"Path of Remembrance" © 1998 S.A.Sullivan 
"Nebula N42" ©1998 Sheila A. Sullivan
"Prism Wheel"  ©1998 Sheila A. Sullivan
Hale-Bopp (detail) ©1996
"NebulaN42 (Dance)" © S.A. Sullivan

MOST  works  combine 2 or more media
More  mandalas & astronomy images are in progress.

All Artworks are the original creation of Sheila  A. "Sheba" Sullivan
and may not be copied in any form nor transmitted by any means

Nova Bleu (a work in progress)©1995
Travaile de Cosmos © 1995
"Endangered Species"© 1995