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Salon des arts

""Cloud Bridge"© 1997 S.A. Sullivan "Eye of RA" © 1981 S. A. Sullivan           "Floating Isle"   © 1998 S.A.Sullivan          
"Path of Remembrance"©S. A. Sullivan
Cyanotype w/ watercolor embellishment.
"NebulaN42 (Dance)" © S.A. Sullivan "Nebula N42" © 1998 S. A. Sullivan
Hale-Bopp (detail)  © 1996  S.A. Sullivan "Prism Wheel"  © 1998 S.A. Sullivan "Endangered Species"© 1995 S.A. Sullivan
Full photo available soon. All works on this page, with the exception of "Endangered Species", 
were direct-scanned.

MOST  works  combine 2 or more media
More  mandalas & astronomy images are in progress.

A gallery of wearable & decorative art will soon grace this site.  Stay tuned!